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Model A30 V2
Available Color Matte Black | Side panel : Clear
White | Side panel : Clear
Materials Acrylic, Aluminium Frame 1412, Metal Rear Panel
Case Dimensions 125mm x 253mm x 238mm (W x H x D)
Motherboard Mini-ITX (17x17cm)
Drives 2.5″ SSD/HDD x1
Front ports USB 3.0 x2
Expansion Slots 2
Cooling System Top : 92x15mm Fan x2 (Optional)
Power Supply Type Standard Flex ATX

What’s in the box

  • 1 x A30 V2 DIY Case
  • 1 x Front Dual USB 3.0
  • 1 x 16mm Power switch (Blue LED)
  • 4 x Foot pad
  • 1 x Screws
CPU Cooler Maximum Height  : 50mm
GPU Maximum GPU Length : 211mm
Maximum GPU Height : 135mm
Maximum GPU Width : 45mm
Drives Support 2.5″ SSD/HDD
Side drive maximum height: 9mm
Fans Top : 92x15mm Fan x2
PSU Support Flex ATX PSU : 81.5 mm (W) x 40.5 mm (H) x 150 mm (D)
Support up to 180mm length

175mm PCIe riser cable is too short to plug into my motherboard

Answer: If your motherboard comes with the “thermal back-plate”, ex. Gigabyte x570i Aorus Pro wifi and B550I AORUS PRO mini-ITX, please remove the “thermal back-plate” from the motherboard first, then you will be able to install the PCI-e Riser cable into the motherboard. Since the back-plate is thicker than the motherboard and leads in contact with the riser cable, so the riser cable will become too short to install. Or you may consider to purchase the 180mm PCIe Riser cable instead

Can I use my PCI-E Riser cable with your case?

Answer: Since the specs. may be different from other PCIE riser suppliers, such as: mounting holes location, direction, length, etc. We are not able to guarantee other PCIE riser cables can fit in our pc cases, therefore, we will suggest you to purchase the PCIE Riser cable from us.

Can I still work the PCIe 3.0 with the component 4.0?

Answer: For the PCIe 3.0 Riser Cable to work on PCIe 4.0 components, the motherboard BIOS should be updated to the latest version with the PCIe configuration in BIOS set to Gen 3 or 3.0.


v2.1 – 2021.01
– Changed the GPU mounting hole of the rear panel from one to two
– Improved the GPU duplicated mounting hole

v2.0 – 2021.08

7 reviews for A30 V2 MINI-ITX CASE

  1. HE Noor (verified owner)

    I transferred everything from my a30 v1 to the v2 and everything fit fine. From the power supply to the video card. One of the corners of the riser cable i had from the V1 had to be sanded down to accommodate the motherboard stand off. A 2070 super from zotac fit perfectly. Almost like it was built for this case. They improved the build and is more sturdier than V1. The back is made of metal instead of laser cut plastic. This was good. With the first version i think literally all the plastic pieces on mine broke. This is only after a year of use. I do expect this one to go through similar motions, but having the back made of of metal is a nice touch. It made mounting the GPU a breeze (instead of the struggle i had with V1). The plate that hides the wires doesnt really sit flush. The USB sticks straight out and prevents it from sitting flush and i dont want to crank it down because i dont want to break the plastic. This peoce was omitted. The previous fans (which were 80mm fans) were not transferred over. The case only fits slim 92mm fans. So chromax noctua fans are on the way. Nice build, but i have a feeling this case will meet the same demise that the first one met. Broken corners at the thin corners.

  2. Siqi Luan (verified owner)

    Very glad I got what I expected for an itx build. The case is only 7.2L and I can say it is most affordable and beautiful case currently I can purchase in US market. I built a i5-10600k and rx 5500xt hackintosh. Everything works perfectly.

  3. Fritze96 (verified owner)

    WOW, perfekt Gaming Case.
    Max. 75°C by 50% PWM.
    – Ryzen 3600
    – 32 GB RAM
    – 5600XT.
    – Noctua Power.

  4. ijustam93@outlook.com (verified owner)

    awesome case better than i expected specs – Ryzen 5 5600x – EVGA rtx 3060 ti xc – 16gbs g.skill 4000 mhz – Geeek 600w platinum modular psu – noctua l9a – gigabyte a520 ic atx – silicon power a60 500gb nvme m.2 ssd.

  5. Omeprazol (verified owner)

    First the bad thing, and it’s really a killer for me. The front panels ends up facing to the left, and there is no way to modify that, the case is just designed that way so all the cables end up on the right.

    Aside from that, the best compact most beautiful ITX there is. I’ve seen almost every ITX case out there, nothing as compact and beautiful as this. I bought the platinum 600w modular Geeek’s PSU with Noctua fan, and it’s just beautiful the amount of power you can put in this thing. I hope this case is available for ever, because it’s my favorite case. I also just wish they had side panels we could get for replacement, since they are acrilic and get scratches with the years of use…

    I’m using a Noctua low profile CPU cooler right now, but I’m planning to get the Cryorig C7 white, I think it would look next level with the case and the RGB I put in it.

    I could keep going on how beautiful, small and powerful this case is. But I’ll live it here.

  6. Alfredo Fabio Carraturo Ferrari (verified owner)

    This is the best case that i have ever had. In only 7,4 litres, it is possible to fit inside one vga zotac 3060 ti mini or one evga 3060ti that makes this case one of the most powerful mini case on market. I have chosen the silverstone 500W psu and the noise is very annoying, but the situation improves a lot, with a not difficult operation, replacing his little fan with the noctua one. I advise at Geeek to make more holes on the acrylic panels for better ventilation.

  7. Javier Caballero (verified owner)


    I bought this case as I have never owned a case with a clear side panel before, and I gotta say for my first case ever with clear side panels and first very small case, I am very pleased!

    There are a few of things I would want them to change for the V2.2 (or V2.5, or even V3) these are also suggestions for those of you that have this case and have a little trouble:

    1. The USB 3.0 connector for the front panel, you can buy a 90 degree adapter.This fixes some clearance issue but I would suggest to Geeek either include an adapter or increase the case’s length and width by 3-4mm each side.

    2. If your having bend problems like with the USB 3.0 connector for your motherboard 24 pin power cable, there are also 90 degree adapters and this also helped me out.

    3. Add rubber washers 1mm thick and 10mm diameter for the screws of the side panels, this is more of personal tip if your like me and hope not to scratch the clear panels if you keep removing them.

    4. Have USB Type-C connector option and hole where the USB 3.0 front (top) panel is at, since with now B550 and B560 motherboards, they have been coming with USB Type C headers.

    Apart from these suggestions, this case is awesome! I already got compliments from a couple of friends that also went small form factor but mine is way smaller than theirs!

    If your concerned about heat don’t worry about it, Geeek practically nailed it right with making the honeycomb like holes on the side panels for the fans of CPU and GPU to take in air, and then on the top pnel I have 2 Noctua Chromax fans as exhaust and my PC runs pretty cool.

    This case is such a space saver!!!

    (NOTE: Coke can for size reference)

    Here are my Specs:

    CPU: Ryzen 7 5700G (didn’t have a gpu, but scored a gpu right away)

    CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9a Chromax Black

    GPU: EVGA 3060 Ti XC

    RAM: Crucial Ballistix 32 GB @ 3600Mhz CL16

    Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B550i

    Storage: WD Black SN750 1TB

    Case Fans: Noctua Chromax Black NF-A9x14 (2 of them)

    PSU: Enhance 7660B Black Edition

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