Enhance Custom Flex ATX Modular PSU

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PLEASE NOTE : Modular cables are not interchange for the Standard (180 degrees) and the L-Type (90 degrees) PSU.


  • Brand new with 2 year warranty
  • Modified to SUNON KDE1204PKV3 0.4W silence fan
  • Dimension : 81.5 mm (W) x 40.5 mm (H) x 170 mm (D)
  • Use the Super Flexible Silicone Wire 18 AWG for the Standard (180 degrees) and use the Super Flexible Silicone Wire 20 AWG for the L-Type (90 degrees)
  • No manufacture warranty


  • Power Cord no included


  • Standard (180 degrees) need at least 190mm space inside the pc case
  • L-Type (90 degrees) need at least 175mm space inside the pc case
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Power Cord comes with PSU?

Answer: No, power cord not included, because the type of cord needed can vary based on a home's wiring as well as local building codes. We'd suggest to purchase the power cord locally.

How much clearence should I need to install this PSU?

Answer: 190mm clearence for the "Standard" PSU; 175mm clearance for the "L-Ttype (90 degrees)" PSU.

Can I use the modular cables on both L- type and Standard PSU?

Answer: No. The modular cables are not interchangable.

Enhance ENP-7025B

Enhance ENP-7140B

Enhance ENP-7660B

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