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Model A50
Available Color Matte Black (Matte Black+Smokd) | White (White+Smokd) | Black (Black+Smokd)
Materials Acrylic, Aluminium Frame
Case Dimensions 140 x 210 x 330mm (W x H x D)
Motherboard Mini-ITX (17X17cm)
Drives 2.5″ SSD/HDD X2
Front ports USB 3.0 X2
Expansion Slots 2
Cooling System Top : 80x15mm fan x2 or 92x15mm fan x2 (Optional)
Button : 92mm fan x1 (Optional)
Power Supply Type SFX / SFX-L




CPU Cooler Support up to 66mm height
GPU Maximum GPU Length : 300mm
Maximum GPU Height : 134mm
Maximum GPU Depth : 50mm
2.5” Drives Support 2.5″ SSD/HDD Maximum Height: 9mm
Fans Top : 80x15mm fan x2 or 92x15mm fan x2 Button : 92x15mm fan x1



What’s in the box

  • 1 x A50 DIY Case (not pre-assembled)
  • 1 x Front Dual USB 3.0 Cable
  • 1 x 16mm Power switch (Blue LED)
  • 4 x Foot pad
  • 1 x Screws


V1.2 1.USB 3.0 cable length change from 70mm to 40mm
2.New package
3.New side panel
4.New black foot pad
5.New blue LED power switch
V1.1.1 1.Standoff length change from 25mm to 30mm
V1.1 1.M4x14mm > M4x16mm
2.Standoff length change from 30mm to 25mm
3.Power switch cable length change from 60mm to 40mm (include power switch)
V1.0 Original

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3.88 out of 5 stars

9 reviews

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  1. Dcdirtrider

    Rated 1 out of 5
    Untrustworthy Company w/ Misleading Sales Information.


    If youre looking at purchasing this case and youre in the U.S., you may notice a shipping option that quotes 2-4 business days that costs around $20-30. Considering the other case options, this sounds somewhat appealing. What they dont tell you is the “handling time” is 3-5+ business days in addition to that. I emailed them about my purchase 3-4 days after paying for one of their cases, just to find out they havent even shipped it yet! There’s a reason this case isnt sold on a well-known and trusted marketplace, and here it is…

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  2. Michael Hastings

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Best Mini ITX case under $100 (Video Review)

    Michael Hastings

    Fantastic case. Small, light weight, and very sexy. The people complaining about build quality, yes, it’s entirely plastic, but once its assembled is very sturdy. No, you don’t want to drop it but what computer would you? I will say it’s the hardest case I’ve built but well worth it. Two notes. I recommend you use an M.2 drive for storage as the SSD bracket takes up space and makes building even harder. Second purchase the 2 fans and filters to go with it. You can have a push/pull air flow from bottom to top which keeps the case plenty cool.

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  3. ez

    Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent case; perfect size and looks great. Even though this was my first PC build, it was fairly easy and straightforward to assemble. Good quality

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  4. outtatheblue

    Rated 5 out of 5


    -Very small form factor, similar to dimensions of Dan A4
    -Fun to build
    -Case is significantly lighter due to the use of acrylic paneling
    -Rigid case, despite being an aluminum extrusion frame with plastic panels
    -All paneling lines up well. Ability to loosen screws/nuts to rework panel positions to get a nice, flush outcome
    -The black & white color scheme looks great, and stands out.
    -Front I/O is more than adequate for a SFF. Power switch has a great tactile feel when pressed (very, very satisfying) and emits a blue light when the PC is powered on, and 2 USB 3.0 ports is a plus. No need to worry about HD audio connections since no 3.5mm jacks are on the front of the case. Helps keep the exterior clean.

    -Not sure if this was specific to my package, but one of the aluminum extrusions had a badly threaded screw hole (intended screw was too short and wasn’t “grabbing”). I needed to buy a replacement screw at my hardware store.
    -The instructions were missing a step for affixing the top panel to the case structure, but a minor issue since the concept was apparent.
    -The side panels have the logo cutout which doubles as case ventilation. However, the cutouts don’t fully encompass the areas over the CPU cooler (if using a low profile air cooler) and the graphics card fan(s).
    -Space inside the case is very tight, and your primary challenge will be cable management. If using stock PSU cables, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to effectively install and utilize the bottom mounted case fan.
    -Not all screw holes are countersunk. This would’ve improved much of the exterior screw holes to give a flush profile.
    -Acrylic is a magnet for dust and pet hair.

    This was my experience building in an ultra SFF case. I’d been looking at the DanCase A4 and Louqe Ghost due to size and form factor, and decided to pick this case up instead. The dimensions were close enough to the A4 that the difference wouldn’t be noticeable to me.

    Building the case was mostly simple. The instructions on the site are easy to follow, with pictures illustrating each step. I made an error halfway through the build, and it was hardly an issue to disassemble my progress and start over. A couple issues I ran into were that there was no step in the instructions to install the top panel – one step describes attaching the PSU to the top panel while the next step shows the top panel attached to the case assembly. The other issue I ran into was regarding the standoffs provided in my kit – there were supposed to be 3 different sizes (25mm, 30mm, and 40mm), but my kit only included the 30mm and 40mm standoffs. The 25mm standoffs were meant for the PCI riser, and it didn’t seem to cause me any issues to use the 30mm standoffs in lieu of the 25mm ones. The end result was still more than satisfactory. The piece I’m a little concerned with is the plastic “retainer clip” for the graphics card. There isn’t much “grab” on that plastic piece, so tightening it up is a must.

    Assembling the PC components was a bit of a challenge. The CPU cooler max height is 66mm, so you’re limited to a few worthwhile low profile coolers on the market. My build, before putting it into this case, was using a Noctua NH-L12S. Unfortunately, even if in “low profile” configuration, it was still exceeding the 66mm height threshold. I decided to replace it with the Noctua NH-L9x65 to get the biggest cooler within the limit. It sits 1or 2mm away from the side panel, so the tolerances are very tight. The most difficult part of the build was cable management. I went with an SFX PSU and stuck with the stock cables. It was a challenge to bundle up the excess slack and route the cables in a way to not obscure the internals in any way. In doing so, the bottom mounted case fan would have to be removed to save a bit of internal volume for additional cable management. The 24pin cable was the biggest hurdle, for obvious reasons. The space under the PSU was just enough to bundle up the excess and tuck it away. If you have the opportunity to get custom length cables, do so. It’ll make a major difference in the build.

    The finishing touch with the front I/O was a love/hate situation. It was simple to attach the power switch and the USB 3.0 ports to the front panel, but a pain to actually connect them to the motherboard with the PSU cables in the way and taking up any remaining space in the case. The tiny power switch connections (4 total) were frustrating to say the least, and I ended up removing the bottom panel to be able to effectively connect those connectors.

    The end result was a very nice, compact PC. I came away with the feeling that the space in the case was cramped, but also felt that it was a very effective use of the space for its form factor. The PC fired up on first try, which was a relief (wouldn’t have wanted to take it apart and redo any of it so soon). I did watch thermals, and noticed temps running maybe about 3-7C higher than my normal idle temp in my old Cougar QBX case, though I attribute this to the QBX having more air intake and airflow, along with the change from the L12S to the L9-65. I did see that an L12 running in low profile configuration (minus top 120mm fan) is 66mm in height, so I may consider using that cooler. If it’s possible to mount the L12S low profile fan under the L12 heatsink and still be able to clear Corsair LPX RAM, I might do so to see if cooling performance improves. I may also try to cut new acrylic side panels, and drill/perforate them similar to how the A4 side panels are. The geeek logo slots do not uncover the entire CPU fan, so cooling performance may suffer.

    All in all, I really enjoyed the build process more than any other PC I’ve built in the past. It was a satisfying challenge with a satisfying result. Highly recommend this case for anyone looking for an ultra SFF build and at a lower cost than the other premium SFF options around.

    My system specs:
    Gigabyte B350 Gaming ITX board
    Ryzen 2400G (OC to 4.0ghz)
    16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4
    EVGA 1050ti SC
    Noctua NH-L9-65-AM4 CPU cooler
    2x Noctua slim profile 92mm case fans
    FSP Dagger fully modular SFX PSU

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  5. gmpo@me.com

    Rated 4 out of 5


    I really like this case. Temps are OK and in par with other very small cases like DAN, NODE, U1 and etc. I did not have any issues with my packing or any scratches on the panels. It looks good – everyone complements on it.

    It takes more steps and planning on you build but its a satisfying assembling project. I’ve build/mod many PCs in my life so I’m used to it and know where parts are supposed to be, but a beginner will struggle with the manual – where it skips a few steps and lacks better instructions.

    1) Due the space limitation I do strongly recommend custom PSU cables. Not only will make the build looks good but will make it easy as well to build and helps with airflow. Specially if you are going to use a full length GPU. There’s not much room to place the cables behind the GPU and the PSU. Go with a SFX size PSU. I tried with my SX800-LTI and things got too tight, so I used my SF600.

    2)I bought the 3 fans with the 3 way split cable and the dust filters. The holes on the dust filters are so tinny that they actually obstruct a lot of the air flow and the hot air “bounces back” into the case – I’ve ended up removing them. There’s almost no benefit (temperature wise) of the 3rd fan underneath the PSU. The fans are loud so I had to set them manually under 700 RPM in the bios.

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  6. link6155

    Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent affordable ITX case:

    I always wanted a Dan A4, but unfortunately it’s a bit too expensive for me. When I saw this case on GEEEK, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. It took 4 days to get here which is pretty quick. Another reviewer mentioned the case being all “scratched up”, but mine has been basically scratchless. One, there’s a protective wrapping on all the acrylic panel, so while it may look really beat up, this is only the film that has been scratched. Peeling the wrap off was pretty tedious, I rushed things and ended up making my finger sore for 2 days. Assembling the case was fairly straight forward thanks to the lego-like instructions.

    The end result is truly worthwhile. Like many ITX cases, building the PC is hard but in the end it’s satisfying. I used a non-modular PSU which I regret because there’s so little room to cram your cables in. I still manage to get it to work and overall the case looks great in black. It’s got a piano-black vibe to it which looks great, but because it’s acrylic it picks up fingerprint easily. The little piece of acrylic that’s suppose to anchor the GPU in the right position seems to be pretty iffy. The teeh that catches on the PCI-e bracket of the GPU is less than a millimeter thick, I’m not sure how long it’ll last. For now it works.

    Overall this is a great case for those who are looking for a true budget alternative to the Dan A4.

    -Half the cost of an S4
    -very compact and space-efficient
    -Full length GPU support
    -Good airflow

    -Big GEEEK logo on the two side windows
    -Must be assembled
    -Very limited space for parts
    -No dust filters

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  7. StingRay007

    Rated 1 out of 5


    Do not buy this case if its going to ship from long distance, terrible scratches all over the case in and out sides of the panels. Almost as if a cat got into my DHL shipping box or something. DO NOT BUY

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    • admin

      GEEEK admin

      The chance should be low to have the scratches on the acrylic panels.
      To avoid the scratches on the acrylic panels during the transportation, there have the “protective film” on the both side of the acrylic panels, please help to check again if you already removed the protective film on each acrylic panel.

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    Rated 5 out of 5


    a bit tricky the assembly, but it looks awesome,

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