▼Types of Screws​


01. Screws for fan mount (Optional)

02. Screws for Side panel

03. Screws for power supply / 3.5″ SSD

04. Sstandoff for motherboard mount

05. Nuts for aluminum extrusions

06. Screws for GPU mount

07. Screws for foot pad

08. Screws for standoff, nuts and 2.5” SSD

09. Screws for motherboard mount

10. Screws for 240mm fan grill

Before installing, please refer to the Aluminum Extrusions installation guide first.


▼Step 1.​ Install the aluminum extrusions on the rear panel with #8 screws

▼Step 2. Install the motherboard plate on the aluminum extrusions with

#8 screws and #5 nuts

▼Step 3. Fasten #4 standoffs and #8 screws on the motherboard plate

▼Step 4. Install the aluminum extrusions with #8 screws, #5 nuts and L-type brackets

▼Step 5. Fasten the foot pad on the bottom cover with #7 screws

▼Step 6. Install the bottom cover with #8 screws and #5 nuts


After step 6, we suggest you can start to install hardware and then move to step 7




▼Step 7.Install the 240mm fan grill on the top panel with #10 screws, after this step, install the top cover with #8 screws and #5 nuts

▼Step 8.Install the power switch first and then install the front panel with

#8 screws and #5 nuts


▼Step 9.​ ​Install the USB Module



▼Step 10. Install the left and right rear panels with #2 screws and #5 nuts

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