Dear Customers from Korean,

We’ve received the late shipment problem from some Korean customers, so we’ve contacted the Taiwan Post office to contact the Korean Post office for this issue, and here is the reply from Korean Post Office, please refer to below:

Due to high volume of incoming mails and limited man power. KR Post experiencing majer delay on processing all incoming  parcels.
SEL OE is trying day and night to process all parcels and mails, but EMS is priority service, so ordinary parcel/mails been delayed and it won’t get better soon.
so please understand the current status, please wait for EMD scan shows on line. without EMD scan, Operations can do nothing. we are assuming at least 15 days to be processed after RD scan.
Our apologies for any inconvenience, please be understand our personnel trying day and night to process all remained mails now. so please be patient and advise senders.

by Korean Post Office

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