A30 Installation Guide

A30 Installation Guide

▼Component​ list

01. 40mm standoff for motherboard mount x 4

02. 25mm standoff for PCI-E extension adapter riser cable mount x 2

03. 10mm standoff for front usb cable mount x 2

04. Screw for power supply / 3.5″ SSD x 5

05. Screw for fan mount (Optional) x 8

06. Nuts for aluminum extrusions x 34

07. M3 x 10mm screw for Motherboard  x 4
; the other 2 screws + 5mm standoff x 2 for GPU mount    

08. M3 x 8mm Screw for standoff and 2.5” SSD x 15

09. M4 x 8mm Screw for nuts x 39

10. Screw for motherboard mount x 8

11. Screw for 160mm fan grill x 6

12. Black Hexagonal Threaded Spacer x 1

A. 300mm aluminum extrusions x 6

B. 250mm aluminum extrusions 

C. Front usb cable

D. GPU support holder

E. 3.5″ HDD bracket
F. power switch

Before installing, please refer to the Aluminum Extrusions installation guide first.

▼Step 1.

Install 40mm/25mm and 10mm standoffs on the left panels:
(1) Install 40mm standoffs with #7 screws (2) Install 25mm and 10mm standoffs with #8 screws

安裝40mm/25mm/10mm銅柱到左側壓克力板, (1) 40mm銅柱使用7號螺絲固定, (2) 25mm及10mm銅柱使用8號螺絲固定

▼Step 2.

Install the black hexagonal threaded spacer on 250mm aluminum extrusions


▼Step 3.

Install the left panels on the aluminum extrusions with #9 screws and #6 nuts


▼Step 4.

Install the right panels on the aluminum extrusions with #9 screws and #6 nuts


▼Step 5.

Install the step 3 and step 4  semi finished parts on the rear panel with #9 screws


▼Step 6.

Install the foot pad


▼Step 7.

Install the bottom cover with #9 screws and #6 nuts


▼Step 8.

Install the front USB cable with #10 screws and power supply with #4 screws


▼Step 9.

Install the 2.5″ HDD


▼Step 10.

Install the PCI-Extension cable with #10 screws (optional purchase)


▼Step 11.

Install the motherboard with #10 screws (Before installing the motherboard, please install the CPU, CPU cooler and RAM, etc.)

安裝主機板 (安裝主機板前請先安裝CPU,CPU散熱器,記憶體等)

▼Step 12.

Install the GPU holder with #7 screws


▼Step 13.

Install the 2nd 2.5 inch HDD holder (optional step), if you need to install HDD, please use #8 screws

安裝第二顆2.5″硬碟支架(選擇性安裝), 如需要安裝硬碟請使用8號螺絲

▼Step 14.

Install the GPU


▼Step 15.

Install the fan with #5 screws and 160mm fan grill with #11 screws


▼Step 16.

Install the top panel with #9 screws and #6 nuts


▼Step 17.

Install the power switch first and then install the front panel with #9 screws and #6 nuts


▼Step 18.

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