▼Types of Screws​

01.18mm standoff for motherboard mount

02. Screws for power supply

03.Screws for motherboard mount

04. Screws for standoff,  2.5” SSD mount

05.15mm standoff for Front Panel USB Cable mount

06. Screws for acrylic panel

07.Screws for power switch ,GPU  ,foot pad mount

▼Step 1
Install the power switch with #7 screws x 2

▼Step 2
Install the standoffs with #1 18 standoffs x 4 and #4 screws x 4

▼Step 3
Install the front panel usb module with #5 15mm standoffs x 4 and #4 screws x 4



▼Step 04
 Install the PSU with #2 screws x4  (Note. One hole is M3 thread, please fasten by #4 screw)
​安裝電源供應器,使用2號螺絲(x4) (*其中一孔是m3螺紋,可以使用4號螺絲固定)

▼Step 05
Install the 2.5″ SSD/HDD with #4 screws

▼Step 06
Install the motherboard with #3 screws x 4
​安裝主機板,使用3號螺絲 (x4)

▼Step 07
Install the GPU with #7 screws x 2

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